How do you resolve errors, crashes and glitches in Lumion?

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Posted: Wed 26 Oct 2016
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How do you resolve errors, crashes, glitches, poor performance and/or rendering artifacts in Lumion?

For example these pop-up error messages:
"Error creating D2D render target"
"Failed to create depth -(number)"
"Aco_float texture :create texture error"
"Failed loading speed tree texture"
"Error: creating buffer"
"Error not 2d texture"
"WRONG creation of texture"
"Error dx11.0 not found"
"Error creating texture"
"Failed to create depth"
"Error creating custom cubemap texture"

Some PCs do not have a compatible graphics card and/or all the required Windows and driver software required to work correctly with version 6.5 (and newer) under DirectX11.

Here is how you can prevent errors, crashes, poor performance/low framerates, out-of-memory situations, rendering artifacts and other glitches from occurring in Lumion:

First, you need to ensure you are running Lumion 6.5.1 or above.

1) Please click here to make sure that your PC specifications meet or exceed the minimum requirements, and that it is compatible with DirectX 11.0.

2) Please install all Windows updates (even optional updates) and verify that there are no more updates to be installed:
  • a) Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Update.
  • b) Check for updates.
  • c) Install all available updates.
  • d) After the updates are installed, restart your computer.
  • e) Windows 7 and 8: After the restart repeat the steps above again until no more updates are available. Please note that you have to restart the PC several times and check for updates every time before new updates appear.
  • f) Windows 10: Click on the Windows button, select Settings -> System -> About. The Build number should be 1607 or newer. Please contact your system administrator if you are unable to update to Build 1607 or newer.
  • g) It's particularly difficult to get Windows 7 to install all updates: if just 1 update fails to install it may prevent 20 more updates from being installed and worst of all, Windows will not warn you about it.
To check what's missing, look here:
Control Panel -> Windows Update -> View Update History

Then search for "Failed" entries in the "Status" column, and make sure to install those updates too.


3) Please install the latest driver software for your graphics card and restart your PC:

4) If it still doesn't work after completing #1, #2 and #3, please let us know here on the forum and attach a diagnostics report so we can have a look at your system configuration.

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