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Author Topic: Lumion 7.0.1 released  (Read 8573 times)

Lumion 7.0.1 released
« on: December 01, 2016, 02:00:43 pm »
December 01, 2016, 02:00:43 pm
Dear Lumion users,

We are pleased to inform you that version 7.0.1 of Lumion, Lumion Pro and Lumion Viewer has been released.

Thank you for your support, feedback and error reports since version 7.0 was released.

Version 7.0.1 is a maintenance release which includes a number of error corrections and minor improvements, and we recommend that you install this version to prevent errors from occurring.

Best regards from all of us at Act-3D!


Lumion 7 and newer require that all Windows updates as well as the latest graphics card driver have been installed. Please click here and follow the instructions to ensure that your PC is ready for Lumion 7.

Please read the release notes below to see what has changed.

Licensed customers should now have received an email with installation instructions for 7.0.1 (please check your Spam folder on your email account).

Please note that the email was sent to the email address that was used when Lumion 7 was purchased, so if you work for a large organisation you may have to ask the person who bought Lumion to forward the email to you.

If you haven't received the email and it's not in the Spam folder, please make sure that [email protected] is whitelisted in your email software. Then forward your Lumion 7 license number and purchase receipt to [email protected], so we can send you another email.

You do not need to uninstall older versions of Lumion prior to installing 7.0.1. Do not install Lumion 7.0.1 in the same folder as an older version of Lumion.

Please note that Lumion 7.0.1 uses the Lumion 7.0 folder in Documents for scenes, imported models and other data. You will need to copy the Scenes, Library and Miscellaneous folders from Documents\Lumion 6.5 to Documents\Lumion 7.0 to be able to load your scenes and models in version 7.0.1.

To keep your Favourites from the Imported Model Library and Lumion Library, copy the file "settings45.ini" from Documents\Lumion 6.5 to Documents\Lumion 7.0.  If you are starting the use of version 7 from v7.0.1 (and not v7.0) then rename the file from "settings45.ini" to "settings7.ini".

The Download Manager for Lumion 7.0.1 Viewer is available in the same email that was sent to all licensed Lumion 7 Pro users.

IMPORTANT LIMITATION: Please note that OpenStreetMap models will not load in Lumion 7.0.1 Viewer as this is still a "beta" feature.
IMPORTANT: Please do not send private messages and emails to members of staff - unless we specifically ask you to send us sensitive information, for example License Keys.

Lumion 7.0.1 released
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2016, 02:01:06 pm »
December 01, 2016, 02:01:06 pm

  • Please note that scenes and models saved in 7.0.1 are not backwards compatible with earlier versions.
  • Scenes and imported models in 7.0.1 are saved in My Documents/Lumion 7.0/Scenes & Library folders to avoid mixing them up with scenes and models saved in older versions. You will need to copy your Lumion 6.5 folders (Scenes, Library and Miscellaneous folders) to the Lumion 7.0 folder if you want to load those scenes and models in version 7.0.1. Make sure to restart Lumion 7.0.1 after doing this.
  • IMPORTANT LIMITATION: Please note that OpenStreetMap models will not load in Lumion 7.0.1 Viewer as this is still a "beta" feature.


  • MyLumion: The Generic VR Device output option now includes 2 different resolutions (4096x4096 and 8192x8192 when 'Stereoscopic' is on). Please note that the 8192x8192 resolution requires 4 times as much memory and render times will increase exponentially, so it may not be possible to render this panorama resolution on PCs with lower-end specifications.
  • MyLumion: An email without a panorama link is no longer sent when cancelling the rendering process.
  • OpenStreetMap: The number of flickering buildings/structures has been reduced.
  • OpenStreetMap: Lumion no longer crashes when importing the University of Houston, Texas.
  • OpenStreetMap: The maximum Map Range value is now correct after downloading data.
  • OpenStreetMap: Lumion no longer crashes when carrying out several searches in a row at the maximum map range.
  • OpenStreetMap: Rounded surfaces are now smoothed by default.
  • OpenStreetMap: The map search function has been improved.
  • OpenStreetMap: Data is now downloaded, even if the Lumion window is not active.
  • OpenStreetMap: The layout of the Search function has been improved when entering long addresses.
  • OpenStreetMap: The Search window is now automatically closed when loading scenes.
  • 2D people now cast shadows again, regardless of whether they face the sun or not.
  • Text simple object: The Visible and Fade Range circles are now visible again.
  • Falling leaves are no longer invisible on rare occasions.
  • Falling leaves now appear correctly when placed behind other smoke, fog, fountains etc.
  • The bounding box for an animated model is no longer flattened.
  • The position read-out now temporarily displays the position of the model that is being moved, even if another model is selected.
  • Custom landscape textures are no longer blurry inside the editable terrain area.
  • AreaLights that are viewed through PureGlass objects no longer cause artifacts.
  • Direction indicator lines for certain object types are now shorter.
  • The Scale slider range was increased to 0.001-1000.0.
  • Shadow effect: The Shadow correction slider now works as expected again.
  • There is no longer a slight difference between the Spotlight shadows on previews compared to on renderings in a user-submitted scene.
  • Tree & plant models no longer turn slightly blue in a specific night scene.
  • Spotlight shadows from lights with "Optimize for" set to Speed or memory are no longer displayed all the time.
  • Transparency masks are no longer incorrect when Standard materials with a higher Scale than 0 are rendered on Print and Poster renderings.
  • 3D silhouette people/animals are no longer red if the Sun Height is lower than 0.2 in certain scenes.
  • Autumn Generator effect: The tree Transparency values are no longer reset when adjusting this effect.
  • Global Illumination effect: AreaLights and OmniLights are no longer selectable.
  • The Billboard material is now rendered with the correct orientation on MaterialID custom map outputs.
  • Advanced Move effect: The camera no longer gets stuck in a user-submitted scene when clicking on a model.
  • Volume Clouds effect: There is no longer a brighter row of pixels at the bottom of certain renderings.
  • Shadows effect: The Coloring slider range has been reduced to prevent shaded areas from being too blue.
  • Reflection effect: The moon is no longer missing on imported planes that use planar reflections.
  • Rain Effect: This effect no longer makes fire objects invisible.
  • The In/Out effect combined with the Selective Saturation effect no longer results in green artifacts in MP4 movie files.
  • Movie from File clip type: Lumion now checks if MP4 files (that were in use when an LS7 file was saved) are in the same location as the LS7 file. If so, the MP4 files will be loaded and assigned to the correct clips.
  • Build with effects mode: 3D people animations are now paused again.
  • Imported edges from SketchUp no longer disappear entering Photo mode in a user-submitted scene.
  • Photo Upload: Title, Email and Description data is now saved per scene instead of in the settings.
  • Photo Upload: Cancelling the upload of images to MyLumion is now working as expected.
  • The thumbnail image of Standard materials now looks correct when added as a 'favourite'.
  • Weathering: Tooltips for presets have been added.
  • Standard material: Imported colours are no longer reset to white.
  • Water material: High Brightness slider values no longer results in artifacts in night scenes.
  • Standard material: Transparency masks are now rendered correctly on Print & Poster renderings when the Scale slider value exceeds 0.
  • Animated 3D people with incorrect texture assignments have been fixed.
  • Tooltips are now hidden while adjusting sliders.
  • The various translations of text in Lumion have been updated.
  • The instructions for pop-up error messages have been improved.
  • A user-submitted imported model that never finished loading now works as expected.
  • "Mountains in Spring" template scene: This scene no longer includes a pre-made clip.
  • "Styrofoam style" demo scene: Animated people in this scene are now placed correctly on the ground.
  • Sliders in Lumion now include meters/cm/mm/feet/inches/%/rad (angles in radians)/degrees denominators.
IMPORTANT: Please do not send private messages and emails to members of staff - unless we specifically ask you to send us sensitive information, for example License Keys.